Patek Philippe Solar Desk Clock


From the late 1950s to the 1980s, Patek Philippe made a range of solar clocks in many configurations. We are looking for any solar clock made by Patek...

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Patek Philippe Dome Clock

Patek Philippe has always pushed the boundaries of timekeeping technology. By the mid-1950s it was utilizing photoelectric or solar energy to keep tim...

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Patek Philippe with a Cuban Connection 

Cuban retail signatures are a wonderful find. We are looking for quality examples of Patek Philippe pocket and wristwatches with a Cuban connection. I...

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Patek Philippe with a Kuwaiti Connection

There were hundreds of Patek Philippe timepieces made with a direct Kuwait connection. And we are on the lookout to acquire a few. If you have one wit...

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Patek Philippe with a Portuguese Connection

Do you have a Patek Philippe with a great Portuguese connection? Portuguese import marks? A rich Portuguese provenance? Then we have the client for yo...

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Patek Philippe Miniature Enamels by Suzanne Rohr

If your Patek Philippe miniature enamel is signed Suzanne Rohr, then we want to buy your watch. These 20th century treasures are works of art for whic...

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