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Build a collection of Patek Philippe watches in a safe and enjoyable way with Collectability

With every purchase and sale of a Patek Philippe timepiece, my primary goal is education. I’ll tell you everything you need to know about your watch before you even try it on. I will also provide detailed historical information, extensive condition reports, and an assessment of market value based on comparables upon request.

Ultimately, this is about you and your collecting journey and the goal is to enjoy your watches and know as much as possible about what you own. Many people today think of watches as an ‘investment’, but Collectability is not about commodity trading; it is about owning and appreciating your timepieces. The legacy of Patek Philippe’s unmatched watch production demands an appreciation of the history of each piece as much as the piece itself.

The best Patek Philippe watches are rare and beautiful hand-finished creations with decades of premiere craftsmanship and creativity behind them. And growing a collection of Patek Philippe watches can be an investment – they’re so highly valued for a reason. But the history and innovation behind each pre-owned or vintage Patek Philippe watch is something you simply can’t put a price on.

With Collectability, we’ll help you find the best route for building your own collection of Patek Philippe watches. Out process is safe and straightforward. You will know exactly what you are buying, and why it’s worth what it’s worth. And if you should want to sell it now or in the future, Collectability will always be able to advise you on what it is worth based on current market trends.

If you would like a preliminary evaluation of your existing Patek Philippe watches, or you would like to discuss how to build your collection of watches for the future, please contact me directly at [email protected].

Available inventory will be posted on the website and Instagram, @collectabilityllc. If you are on the hunt for a particular reference or example, please email or DM.

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