7 Patek Philippe Timepieces under $20,000

Are you building a Patek Philippe collection? John Reardon chooses seven affordable watches to consider

In this video, Collectability founder John Reardon looks at seven timepieces that will be a welcome addition to any Patek Philippe collection, all under $20,000. Where antique and modern Patek Philippe timepieces can run hundreds of thousands of dollars, you don’t have to spend a king’s ransom to own a beautiful Patek Philippe that’s part of the company’s history of craftsmanship and innovation. Reardon has selected timepieces that represent nearly 100 years of Patek Philippe’s legacy, including an antique 1917 pocket watch, and several automatic watches from the mid-20th century. We believe every Patek Philippe piece is a work of art and engineering, and we care equally about the history and journey of all the vintage watches we buy and sell, regardless of the value.

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