John’s Five Favorite White Gold Modern Patek Philippe Watches

John Reardon discusses five of his favorite white metal wristwatches, as he dives into the modern Patek Philippe on Collectability

Five of Our Favorite Modern Patek Philippe Timepieces

In this video, founder John Reardon discusses five of his favorite white metal wristwatches from several of Patek Philippe’s modern collections. His thoughts highlight the continuity of Patek Philippe’s styles, mechanisms, luxury materials, and production, combined with a look at how this historic watchmaker has created an immediately recognizable brand that has the ability to adapt to the needs and aesthetics of modern culture.

For example, these timepieces are all white metal pieces, which is popular in today’s market, as opposed to antique and vintage Patek watches that primarily featured yellow gold. It’s rare for Collectability to present modern Patek Philippe timepieces, but insight into Patek’s modern collections shed light on how these beautiful timepieces of decades past, like the Nautilus, are recreated into modern, artful watches with new complication styles, innovative faces, and a nod to the legacy of Patek’s style and quality.

Which modern Patek Philippe timepiece is your favorite? Let us know in the video comments.


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