Pamela Cloutier shares her memories of working at Patek Philippe

Pamela shares her memories and experiences of this exciting time including some personal details that will intrigue listeners.

For over 14-years, Pamela Cloutier was Patek Philippe’s Area Director of the Americas, Asia & Pacific Rim — in other words she was responsible for a major portion of the world’s most important watch markets. In this intimate and fascinating conversation, Pamela describes what it was like to work closely with Philippe Stern during the pivotal 1990s and 2000s. This was an important period when Philippe Stern made his mark on the modern history of Patek Philippe by introducing new movements such as the innovative small complications like the Annual Calendar and Travel Time; building a new state-of-the-art workshop in the then little-known area of Plans-les-Ouates; launching a new ad campaign that 26 years later is still running; opening the world’s most important private watch museum, and growing international markets to an unprecedented level — to name but a few important  and extraordinary benchmarks. Pamela shares her memories and experiences of this exciting time including some personal details that will intrigue listeners such as the fact that even if you work for Patek — or own the company — you still have to wait for a watch!

With over 30 years of senior management experience in the watch industry, Pamela Cloutier has a wealth of knowledge about fine watches. Prior to joining Patek Philippe, her career in the watch industry began with Dior Watches. Following her influential time at Patek Philippe Pamela became Chief Operating Officer of deGrisogono, then started Ralph Lauren’s prestigious entry into the watch and jewelry world as VP International Sales & Distribution. Pamela is currently Managing Partner and oversees International Sales and Distribution at GENUS watches. Collectability co-founder Tania Edwards had the pleasure of speaking with her long-time friend and Patek Philippe colleague from Pamela’s hometown of Geneva.

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