Interview with Patekholic founder Jasem Al Zeraei

John Reardon speaks to @patekaholic founder Jasem Al Zeraei to discuss everything patekaholic and where the he sees the collectors market moving

Jasem runs the number one Patek Philippe fan page on Instagram which he founded in 2015. Known as brutally honest, fearless and occasionally controversial, Jasem has established himself as a global opinion-shaper, market-predictor and Patek-obsessed collector. In addition to @patekaholic, Jasem has launched @patekonomics and in his quest to share his passion for all things Patek Philippe, and occasionally other fine watches. In this conversation with John Reardon, Jasem is given free-range to candidly discuss his feelings on the current Patek Philippe market, and where he sees the collectors market developing in the future.

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