Dr. Peter Friess takes us on a virtual tour of the Patek Philippe Museum Part 2

In this fascinating discussion, Dr. Peter Friess, Director of the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva, takes us on a virtual tour of the museum. He stops at each floor to highlight some of the timepieces that are not to be missed.

For anyone obsessed with Patek Philippe, Dr. Peter Friess has the dream job. As Director of the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva, each working day he goes to one of the greatest horological museums ever assembled and has the privilege to examine and hold some of the most important timepieces ever made.
In this fascinating conversation with John Reardon, Peter Friess explains what it is like to be the curator of such an incredible collection and how, together with the owners, Philippe and Thierry Stern, they decide which additional timepieces to acquire for the collection. Dr. Friess also takes us on a virtual tour of the museum, stopping at each floor to identify some of the timepieces that must not be missed. We also hear some fun, anecdotal stories such as how it’s easy to identify which are the most popular watches to view by the wear of the carpet in front of the showcase.
The Patek Philippe Museum provides two important functions: first, it offers visitors an unparalleled opportunity to see the history of portable timekeeping and secondly, it offers Patek Philippe watchmakers, engineers, and designers the opportunity to learn from history and build watches for the future. For any visitor fortunate to visit the Patek Philippe Museum the experience is unforgettable. In this podcast, listeners can come close to visiting with the personal guidance of the museum’s curator.

Watch this interview on Collectability\’s YouTube.

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