Anita Porchet, world class enameler discusses her art

In this exclusive interview with Carlos Torres, Anita Porchet speaks candidly about her craft and the future of the art of enameling in the watch world.

World class artist and enameler, Anita Porchet produces some of the most sought-after, decorated timepieces in the world. In this podcast, we learn about the challenge of creating a miniature work of art on the tiny surface of a pocket watch or watch dial. Anita speaks openly about how as an artist she is constantly learning, researching, and creating, and how she deals with the pressure of a mistake that can ruin months of intense work. We also learn about her work for Patek Philippe and why she believes that “this house has the best enamel heritage in the world.” She credits Philippe Stern’s for not thinking only of “short term profitability” and how he continued to support enamelers and their work during many years when there was no demand. She quotes him as saying, “I can’t deny work to these enamelers just because I’m not selling it. One day there might be a comeback and the know-how will be lost.” Philippe Stern has also enabled Anita to share her craft with others, helping her expand her workshop to host pupils. Most extraordinarily, he left Anita free to work for other houses so that she could continue to enhance her knowledge and skills, free to express herself and remain independent.

Born in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, Anita was only 12 years old when her godfather introduced her to the century’s old art of miniature enameling. In 1984, she obtained her diploma from the School of Applied arts and then went to study fine arts in Lausanne, requesting to study enameling and engraving in her final year. She was literally learning a trade at the brink of extinction. Today, the epicenter of her world is a jeweler’s work bench at her home atelier, a gift for her 20th birthday.

It is a great honor for Collectability to bring you this interview with Anita Porchet. Anita speaks in French and her voice is translated into English for the purpose of this podcast.


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