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The Ultimate List of Patek Philippe Books

Must reads for Patek Philippe collectors

At Collectability, we are often asked which books one should read to learn more about Patek Philippe. Thankfully, the list continues to grow due to new scholarship and writers who are pushing the benchmark higher and higher. Here we’ve tried to list all the books on the manufacture and its watches written to date so that you can build your library and fill your mind with all things Patek Philippe.

There are many important auction catalogues that deserve to be on this list, but we have only added the three Patek Philippe exclusive-theme sales to date. However, we highly encourage you to build a library of auction catalogues from the major houses. They are not only informative but great fun to use as reference material, especially if you take the time to print out the price results for future reference.

For official Patek Philippe company literature, we have only added the books that have been released to date but not the numerous catalogues and marketing material that are published annually such as the Rare Handcraft books.

If we have missed a book that belongs on this list, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we will add it. Happy reading!


Patek Philippe book

Antiquorum, The Art of Patek Philippe, 150th Anniversary, Vol. 1 & 2, 1989

Antiquorum, The Art of Patek Philippe, 1999

Christie’s, Patek Philippe 175, Anniversary Theme Auction, 2014

Crott, Dr. Helmut, Le Cadran: Visage de la Montre Bracelet Au 20 Siecle, 2019

Downing, Alan, Voyage to End of Time (Caliber 89), Patek Philippe, 1989

Foulkes, Nicholas, Patek Philippe: The Authorized Biography, 2016

Friess, Dr. Peter, Treasures from the Patek Philippe Museum: Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, 2022

Goldberger, John. Patek Philippe Steel Wristwatches, 2011

Huber, Martin and Alan Banbery, Patek Philippe Wristwatches, Patek Philippe, Geneva, 1998 (Second Edition)

Huber, Martin and Alan Banbery, Patek Philippe Pocket Watches, Patek Philippe, Geneva, 1993 (Second Edition)

Loring, John, Tiffany Timepieces, Harry Abrams, 2004

Mehlretter, Michael, Patek Philippe: Cult Object and Investment, 2012

Mstanga, Reference Guides for the Nautilus 3700 and Amagnetic 3417, 2017–19

Negretti, Giampiero, Patek Philippe Complicated Wristwatches, Konemann, 1997

Patek Philippe, Patek Philippe Museum Catalog: Montres Patek Philippe, Vols. 1 & 2, 2014

Patek Philippe, Star Caliber 2000, Editions Scriptar, 2000

Patek Philippe, Timepieces for Royalty 1850-1910, 2005

Patek Philippe Magazine, 1996 to present

Patrizzi, Osvaldo, Collecting Patek Philippe Wristwatches, Vol. 1, 2, & 3, 2005

Perman, Stacy, A Grand Complication: The Race to Build the World’s Most Complicated Watch, Atria Books, 2013

Philippe, Adrien, Les Montres Sans Clef, Geneva, 1863

Reardon, John, Patek Philippe in America: Marketing the World’s Foremost Watch, 2014

Reardon, John, Patek Philippe in America Men’s Reference Guide, 2010

Reardon, John, Patek Philippe in America Ladies’ Reference Guide, 2011

Schutz, Wulf, Patek Philippe Amagnetic 2570/1, 2019

Tortella, Eric, Patek Philippe Blue Books, Limited Edition of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5,  2018–22

Vogel, H., Uhren Von Patek Philippe, Limited Edition 250 copies, 1980

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