Ed Sheeran

A collectable minute with Ed Sheeran

In this exclusive Q & A, global superstar singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran tells John Reardon about his passion for Patek Philippe and why he collects.

Ed Sheeran and John Reardon, talk watches in Prague, summer 2019

JR: Why Patek Philippe?

ES: In 2012, I was gifted one for playing at a birthday party, met Kelly [Yoch], then went down the rabbit hole and here we are.

JR: Do you favor vintage or modern?  

ES: Depends what kinda day it is.

JR: What is your favorite Patek for wearing?

ES: I think a standard Nautilus is pretty great for anything. [My ref.] 5726A is probably the most worn, out and about.

JR: Your grail Patek Philippe?

ES: [Refs.] 5970 and 2499 are just awesome.

Ref. 5979P

JR: What’s your preferred complication?

ES: Perpetual calendar chronograph.

JR: Strangest place you’ve worn a Patek?

ES: Kelly usually has a heart attack when I play shows with some of the vintage ones.

Ed Sheeran

JR: Favorite watch-related Instagram account?

ES: Patekaholic

JR: What does collectability mean to you?

ES: I get them for moments of my life I want to remember, achievements, special dates. I can look back at each watch and it takes me back to the great memories attached to them, so it doesn’t matter really what a watch is or how collectable it is to someone else, if the memory attached to it is a happy one, it gets worn.

Ed Sheeran with Kelly Yoch (Watches of Switzerkand) and his Patek Philippe Ref. 5524G, New York, July 2016.


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