Over the past ten years, it would be hard to identify another person who has had as much influence over the digital and social media evolution of the watch industry as Ben Clymer. The launch of Hodinkee as a digital platform around 2011 completely changed the way we learnt about watches and the industry. Over the years, Hodinkee itself has changed and now it offers a retail platform for both vintage and new watches, and even insurance. Not many people go from blogger to CEO of a USD 100 million company in a decade and Ben has a great story to tell in terms of how he achieved this staggering success.

From a Patek perspective, it could be argued that Ben virtually single-handedly opened-up the world of vintage Patek Philippe collecting to the world. In this Collectability Podcast, Ben speaks openly with John Reardon about how he created Hodinkee from his earnest desire to learn as much as possible about watches, to his opinions on Patek and its position in the industry today. Listen here or on your favorite podcast platform for their engaging and informative conversation.

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