An education in

Patek Philippe

Collectability guides you on your collecting journey

An education in Patek Philippe

Collectability guides you on your collecting journey

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Over the past 4 years, I have bought and sold over a dozen Patek Philippe timepieces with Collectability. John Reardon and Tania Edwards are not only world-class experts when it comes to Patek Philippe, they are also world-class individuals. They set the bar high for everything from the educational content they post, to John’s informative and entertaining YouTube videos, to the exceptional care they take in packaging and shipping your newly acquired Patek Philippe timepiece. Unlike many other watch dealers, John is courteous, meticulous, honest, friendly, and easy to work with. And if you are in the process of selling a Patek Philippe, you should also know that Collectability is one of the strongest buyers in the world for vintage and modern Patek Philippe timepieces, clocks, parts, and memorabilia. I highly recommend Collectability for all of your Patek Philippe needs.

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