Eric Ku, Justin Gruenberg and Sam Hines discuss Loupe This and the future of the watch market

Eric Ku, Justin Gruenberg and Sam Hines from Loupe This give a candid and informative interview about collecting and the watch market with John Reardon

John Reardon interviews the three principles of Loupe This, the new online auction platform that has already broken a world record for the sale of a 1967 Cartier Crash ($1.65 million), and is changing the way we buy vintage watches. Eric Ku, Justin Gruenberg and Sam Hines discuss their plans for Loupe This and share their candid opinions on the marketplace during these turbulent times, plus they give their predictions for future trends in watch collecting.

Recently, in what John Reardon describes as a “nuclear announcement”, Sam Hines joined Loupe This responsible for growing the business in Asia as well as globally. The watch world is buzzing with questions about why Sam Hines left the venerable, traditional auction world as global head of watches at Sotheby’s to join a technologically-driven online auction. Sam graciously answers all the questions and shares some amazing — and humorous stories about his past, present and future in the watch world.

Justin Gruenberg rarely gives interviews and his views on collecting and the watch market are both fascinating and insightful. Described as “the man that controls the marketplace”, Justin brought his first collectable watch at auction, a Patek Philippe chronograph for $100,000, at the age of fifteen. Today he focuses on building his family business and is constantly praised by all who work with him for his integrity, honesty and intelligence.

Eric Ku is one of the world’s leading authorities on vintage Rolex and has been called a Super Dealer by Hodinkee. Referred to as “a mogul of the watch world”, Eric owns several important watch businesses including 10 Past Ten, the Vintage Rolex Forum (VRF) and LA Watchworks. He is also on the board of the Horological Society of New York and cares deeply about the future training of watchmakers. His opinions on the watch industry are highly regarded and Collectability is honored that he and his Loupe This partners Justin Gruenberg and Sam Hines gave such a thoughtful and informative interview in this podcast.

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