Collectability x Chrono24

Another way to (almost immediately) access your favorite vintage and pre-owned Pateks

During these socially isolated times, we have been buying up inventory to add to Collectability’s stock on a daily basis. There are so many amazing watches out there and we are seeing prices reach accessible levels that we haven’t seen in decades. Could now be one of the best times to buy a great Patek Philippe?

We are finding business to be surprisingly active during the last few days with buyers from around the globe purchasing from Collectability. Thanks to our new sales platform on Chrono24, international clients are engaging with us as both buyers and sellers.

Before the shutdown in NYC, we met with executives from Chrono24 and were impressed with their growth initiatives, in particular with their Buyer Protection policies. We decided to give it a try and frankly think this platform is best in class! Essentially, both buyer and seller can transact worry free and buyers can now easily pay with credit cards to buy from trusted dealers including Collectability. The amount due is paid to an escrow account with Chrono24 and only paid to the seller once you have the watch in your hands. The transactions that Collectability have closed over the last few days have been flawless and kudos to Chrono24 for making such a user-friendly platform for all involved. For peace of mind, read more information on their Buyer Protection policy. When buying through Chrono24, we highly recommend you only buy from sellers that accept ‘Trusted Checkout’ such as Collectability. It offers you the highest level of protection and insurance to protect your purchase every step of the way.

View Collectability’s page on Chrono24 including all availability and prices. All the asking prices for Collectability’s watches are the same whether on our site or Chrono24 and all shipments will be directly from Collectability. For any questions, all communication regarding Collectability purchases still goes directly to us. Another fun part of Chrono24 is that it enables you to “Suggest a Price” which is essentially making an offer. Try it, you might make a deal!

Historically, we will look back at the Spring of 2020 as time the watch industry went digital. Even modern Pateks can be bought directly from authorized retailers today, a first in the world of Patek Philippe. Within the vintage and pre-owned watch world, the major seasonal live auctions are now on hold as the major auctions houses have postponed their sales globally. The watch world’s embrace of the digital world is a natural (and now necessary) progression of luxury sales in the modern world. People want to buy with confidence and ease, and digital platforms offer the best way to prepare one properly to make the best buying and selling decisions. Imagine opening that box with a vintage Patek watch or clock delivered to your home from Collectability via FedEx overnight. Thanks to Chrono24, that’s now only a few clicks away!

Collectability remains your source for information on all things vintage and pre-owned Patek Philippe and please let us know if you have interest in buying, selling, or trading any Patek Philippe watch or clock. Stay tuned for more content and many additional watches which are in the pipeline and will be posted weekly (the iPhone rather than a professional studio will be the new source for imagery – thanks for your patience!).

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